Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cryptic Dragon,,,,,,Teddy Kennedy

Teddy Kennedy is a parody of a human creature. He is physically repellent, incomparably arrogant, demonstrably criminal, at his best he is an alcoholic blowhard. How the He!! can any responsible person vote for this scum? He has been caught, and photographed doing things that would end the career of any other political figure, yet we still have to endure his presence.


More than this, what motivates this animated pile of suet to sell out the country that made his bootlegger father rich? He and his entire family are living off the gut pile created by his father in the Twenties. None of them, by their own admission have ever worked at anything. What twisted mental perversion allows these parasites to believe they are qualified to guide the course of this great nation? None of the living Kennedys have ever served this country.

The motivation can't be money, the entire family is rich enough to never have to work. They have supported murderous cousins overseas, to avoid trial. It can't be the betterment of the nation, the communist bastard has tried to give away every thing we hold dear. It shouldn't be power, Mary Jo gave her life unwillingly to end his bid to be President. I can't imagine the debacle that would have been, and I have quite the imagination.

If you can enlighten me please do. It won't ease my mind, 'cause this A$$hole will only stop when he dies. I am not advocating anyone rush to assist with that, God will call him to judgement at the right time. This creature is evil, he shows us day to day, that he is evil.

I just don't know why.

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