Friday, September 7, 2007

The real classic.

This is an 1898 Chilean Mauser in 7X57, it was a gift (?) that has a little history. This weapon in its general classification of 1898 Mauser is probably one of the most numerous in the world. I obviously don't know how many were produced world wide, does anyone? It does seem though it should be up there with the AK's.

The rifle has been fired only once while in my possession. The previous owners were somewhat more active.

One my best friends got it from his Dad, who I believe got it from his youngest son. Both of these people are certifiably nuts. The one has killed at least five people and the other was convinced, before his death, that the Russians were poisoning the water supply in Valdese NC.

I am certain the Russians neither know nor care that Valdese exists. The old man lived on "the hill" in town and considered all the animals in the woods his "pets". The animals had the same attitude as the Russians regarding the old man. One day the old man heard a shot in the woods near his house, assuming correctly that some one was hunting, the old man decided to protect them by driving the hunters away. He promptly fired a full magazine of 7mm soft points toward the noise. I suspect the hunter soiled himself and ran, I know I would! Probably some murderous twelve year old.

On another occasion my friend was visiting the old man. It was icy cold winter, in the middle of the night, when the old man's dog started barking. The dog hated everyone and everything, so the barking was because someone was outside. The old man didn't want to get out of his warm bed, so he just shot through the wall. The dog shut up, the visitor recalled an appointment elsewhere, and everyone else went back to sleep. When he got up the next morning the old man whittled a peg to fill the bullet hole and nailed a tin can lid over the outside hole. I've seen the lid.

The rifle came into my possession one night, fairly late, when my friend came to my door with his arms full of guns and a sad look on his face. He asked me if I would keep them for him, I said I would, I suppose the puzzled look asked "why?" for me. He had been going through some rough times, and said he had been thinking of using them on himself. He just wanted the temptation out of his reach.

I've had them since then.

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