Sunday, September 9, 2007

Boredom waiting for the storm

Some random comments as I sit here, waiting for a “subtropical depression” to come ashore.

Can they divide that weather hair any finer? It’s going to rain and the wind will blow, but not too bad. In case you’ve never been in a tropical cyclone, all those high wind speeds are a considerable height above the ground.

To the less intelligent lady who “fully respects” Mike Nifong, because he “tried to do the right thing”, are you totally nuts? Would you be so generous if he was trying to railroad your children or you by lying and covering up what he was bound by law to deliver to the defense? I’m thinking not!

Shock: kids smarter than chimps
Ok, go down to the local super store and try that in the toy department. The humans might pick things quicker, but I bet their manners aren’t as good, and they make more noise.

Federal Court Favors Illegal Immigrant Tuition Break
But a federal judge in Topeka ruled in 2005 that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the legal challenge because they failed to demonstrate that the law had harmed them.

Now that’s just stupid! If I’m living on a limited income, and it precludes me going to school, when a lower tuition would allow me to attend, and student loans would be lower, so I wouldn’t be buried in debt for as long, and some other group gets a special break, then brother I’m hurt!

A federal appeals court has ruled against a group of American college students challenging a Kansas law that grants cheaper in-state tuition to illegal immigrants because they attended high school in the state.

I guess because you have cheated the system the first time that makes it OK to do it again, and you get a discount! What the hell is that idiot thinking, Oh, sorry, I forgot a liberal judge, he was emoting, not thinking.

N.J. Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary Protects Murderer

Dozens of cities across the nation have proudly become illegal immigrant sanctuaries, but officials in one municipality are pondering the status after a Peruvian man with a felony record massacred three college-bound students.
Had authorities in Newark New Jersey contacted federal immigration officials after illegal alien Jose Carranza’s first felony indictment last year he would have been deported and therefore prevented from murdering three innocent youngsters in a schoolyard this month.
Instead Carranza was released on bail, despite being charged with raping a 5-year-old girl and aggravated assault and weapons violations. This week he was charged with the gruesome execution-style murders of three college-bound students, ages 18 to 20.
The shootings evidently pushed Newark authorities to violate their sanctuary policy and contact federal immigration officials who had not been previously informed about Carranza’s crime spree. If they had, Carranza would have placed in removal proceedings after his first felony arrest in October 2006.
Does this mean we can prosecute them for criminal negligence?

D.C. Day Laborer Center To Open This Month

ICE take note, this is as productive as shooting over a baited field! It’s not illegal though!

Official “HillRaiser’’ Norman Hsu has been a fugitive from the law since the early 1990s when he accepted a three-year prison sentence in California for grand theft but instead disappeared. Hsu received the jail time for cheating investors out of $1 million to purportedly operate a business that never existed.

Is that like White Water?

Thanks in part to her husband’s $10 million speech income Hillary Clinton’s latest Congressional disclosure report illustrates an astonishing financial transformation since the couple left the White House in 2001 burdened with millions of dollars in legal fees.
The disclosures (posted on Judicial Watch’s website) reveal how the former president made more than $10 million last year delivering speeches worldwide at corporate retreats, trade group gatherings and motivational seminars.
In 2006, Bill received an average of about $180,000 a speech and he collected nearly half a million dollars for a single talk to a London financial forum in the latter part of the year.
The Clintons’ assets are worth up to $50 million and Hillary is one of the wealthiest members of Congress running for president although she lags behind Republican Mitt Romney, a former venture capitalist who is worth between $190 and $250 million.
More than $3 million of the Clintons’ earnings came from a company (InfoUSA) being federally investigated for selling databases of sick and unsuspecting elderly to scam artists. The company’s owner, a wealthy entrepreneur named Vinod Gupta, has donated millions to Bill and Hillary’s campaigns and last year paid the former president $3.3 million worth of “consulting contracts” as well as $900,000 in travel expenses.

Is it just me or does this sound like payouts to a figure head for a scam, or one scam artist paying another for tips? I can't imagine how far I could travel on 900K, who are they kidding?

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