Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rock and Roll half Marathon

The Love of my life and I finished the race close to each other this Sunday. I ran the race with her until I was sure she would be able to finish, and then I went on ahead a little.

Up to this point in my life, if anyone made me run 13.1 miles, about half way there, we would have to stop and scuffle, 'cause I have never gone that far. We are laying plans to do it again. This time I ran her pace, because I wanted to run with her. That was my commitment and what I did.

It was a great bonding experience.

The youngest completed the course, mostly walking, but ahead of a lot of people.

I and seventeen thousand people have a medal, and a memory.

The overall winners are professional runners who use this as a tune up for another race. They finished in 1:02 hrs.


The greatest champions were the afflicted ,who completed the course on walkers, even though getting one foot in front of the other, for just one step, is more of a battle than some of us faced doing the entire race.

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Murphy said...

13 miles is nothing to sneeze at, congrats. If I tried to run that far now, I would undoubtedly whimper, pass out, soil myself, and crawl off to the closest ditch to pray for death.