Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Daddies are a little nuts

Our youngest is getting married. This is the most important day of her life, she will be in the spotlight. Actually I think she will BE the spotlight, and the rest of us will wither and fade from her light. All eyes should be, and doubtless will be on her. I went with her to try on dresses yesterday, it only took four tries, she only let me see those few.

Her father has never gone with her to buy one of those important dresses, prom or formal, either for college or high school. I my considered opinion that is incredibly foolish. Those are such important moments that he has let slip by.

If anyone has the words, tell me how stupid is that?
This picture is not "The Dress", I don't want dunder head to see it too soon.


Murphy said...

Wow. Good lookin' girl. Future Mr. Dedicated-for-life-or-else has seen your gun collection and witnessed your ability to shoot with a steely eye, hasn't he?

DW said...

Well, Yes, and we have already had one of those discussions, he's a big boy and I told him early on if I came after him, I'd bring a gun. They had one of those ugly seperations until he came to his sences, and when they got back together, he appologized to me(?), and I told him, what happens between them, is between them and best not involve third parties.