Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dawg has a lesson...

Dawg gets a little excited from time to time. She likes to show us how fast she can run around the yard. The Love of My Life chanting "run dawg, run" drives her to a frenzy, ears flying, tounge hanging out, slobber trailing, the short little legs churning, she is a vision of exuberance.
She will get the bit between her teeth if the Grand Babies are in the yard and cut up something fierce.

The GB's were over the other day, and wanted to get in the hot tub. The LOML went out to check the water condition and temp and the girls went along to ensure that all was to the specification of eight year olds. Dawg has been known to jump onto the cover of the hot tub.

As the LOML raised the cover, Dawg comes up the steps, full tilt boogie, doggie happy face in full bloom, ears floppin', and jumps to the top of the hot tub to show how athletic she is.

Except the top is open, and Dawg positively sails, kersploosh, into the tub!

OMG!!!! BATH!!!!

I would have loved to have seen her, she totally freaked!

TLOML and the girls about peed on them selves.

They had to catch their breath before helping Dawg out.

I miss all the good ones!

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Hammer said...

I bet that was a sight lol