Friday, August 1, 2008

Near miss,,,,, again

I was riding the bike on a four lane street a couple of days ago, and an SUV almost took me out, again.

I was following the LOML home. We had turned onto the main North- South street coming into town, and headed toward the shopping district. The wife was driving the speed limit of 45 mph. In the left lane traveling in the same direction was a white SUV from Michigan, driving about 5 mph under the limit.

Flag.... looks uncertain.

I stayed back and allowed the driver to make up his mind what he wanted to do. I watched for perhaps a quarter of a mile, then decided he was just going slow, or had not seen a speed limit sign. I don't like to ride beside anyone, I like to have an "out", just in case. So I started to accelerate past the SUV.

As I got even with him, he moved into the my lane. I moved over, obviously, and gave him room as I cranked the throttle. I think the pipes bellowing at his wing window may have given a clue that he wasn't alone.

I continued past and shook all the way home.

I have considered this a lot, I really wanted to learn from this incident and become a safer rider.
I am only too aware that's a relative term. So what lesson can I take from this?

You can't figure out what an Idiot will do, because he doesn't know himself!

Next time I will wait longer, or take another road.

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