Sunday, August 17, 2008

A very long day

Thursday was one of those that I sometimes have to deal with,but always dread. I have wanted to buy TLOML a car, not just any car but one that says what I think of her. We looked for a while, weeks and more for the right model, year, color.

You get the idea, details, details, details.

We finally found the right one, a Saphire Blue Jaguar XK8 with Ivory interior and a blue top.

The milage was low and the body is perfect. I went through my personal list of checks and tests and negotiated some repairs and helped with some others. They were all minor, one was expensive. None were deal breakers, just important.

The killer was the trip.

It was about six hundred miles away.

That means get up at 0230 and drive to a major air hub, fly, and wait in another hub for a transport. Then it's the mechanic thing until 1630 and a long drive back in an untested vehicle.

Untested no longer.

The thing rides like a sofa at 110 mph. I'm glad nothing flew off at that speed, I was so far down in the river swamp that I would never have been found if a tire had blown. Michelin's are speed rated for 130mph, so I had some margin.

I got home at 0130 the following morning.

The look on her face made it worth the trip.

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