Monday, August 25, 2008

Human perversion knows no bounds, local Dragon

I just heard that a man has been arrested for sexual assault on a four year old.

They need to give him to me.

I can promise nightmares for every pedophile in this state.

With an IV and a little numbing, I could keep him alive long enough to gag a raven.

I would toast the offending member on his body and feed it to him, then skin him alive an inch at a time. A bottle torch applied judicially to the raw flesh should keep him lively.

Cruel and unusual, evil, disgusting.


Let the punishment fit the crime!

The news just showed him to be one of our hard working neighbors from the south.

So What?

I wouldn't care if he was green with stripes.

An adult male that hurts little children is lower than animals.


Sevesteen said...

I understand the sentiment, but that makes evil more acceptable-All a twisted mind has to do is convince himself that his victim is also deserving of such treatment.

Prove them guilty, then either lock them away forever or kill them quickly and humanely. Someone that broken won't be deterred by what happens to someone else.

DW said...

So does that make me the evil one or do I have a twisted mind?

Actually, I think it could be either.

I am certain of one thing, the only deterrant that this kind of worm understands is "I don't want bad things to happen to me".

Only if punishment, and I said punishment, not rehabilitation, is certain and memorable does it impact the would be criminal.

Go with me on this, I know quite a few and the only thing that ever turned one around was getting busted and abused in the prison system.

The "time out method" never cut it that I can see.

Hammer said...

I agree with your sentiments. Other pedos need to see what can happen to them and the risks they are taking when they engage in their horrific perversions.

I think public flogging followed by castration for those convicted would serve as a deterrent.

Or just throw em in an incinerator.