Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'd rather be fishing!

I have read that " Allah does not subtract from your alloted hours the time spent fishing", if only that was true.

Tomorrow I, and a friend, with his father, are going fishing. I have mentioned that I live by the big water to the East, and we will be going about thirty miles beyond the beach. Last year we caught my years fish in two trips. I still have several bags of fish to eat and the season is upon us.

We know the Kings are in, and the plan is to fast troll and then bottom fish when we find good fishing. Snapper, grouper, Black Bass, and the Lord only knows what else may crop up.

I am taking my newly rigged bottom rod, 80lb Dacron line with wire leader and an eight ounce jig. The rod is a 50 lb Penn with a broom handle like tip.

There is nothing like going out on the big water, you never know what you will see. The last couple of trips were the best I have had. I saw a school of dorado chasing something like they were a pack of dogs. I saw an Amber Jack follow a King we had hooked and try to eat him even though the Jack had no real teeth and the King was almost he same size. I have seen a manta ray the size of a small airplane (he looked like one when he jumped) and hooked and fought sharks half the length of my boat. I saw a Barracuda teaching a King how to fly.

The King jumped at full speed with a barracuda right behind him, about ten or fifteen feet into the air, the King jumped again, but the barracuda was waiting for him to come down. We can't know what happened, but the King was motivated, I bet the 'cuda went hungry.

If the day is good at all, I will be cleaning fish until late. A tough day, but rewarding.

The next post will be a fish story.

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