Thursday, May 17, 2007

John (My Daddy was a mill hand) Edwards

Edwards Reports Millions in Assets

May 16 06:26 PM US/Eastern

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife reported $29.5 million in assets, including millions of dollars in a hedge fund he worked for part-time.
The couple also reported investment income of nearly $6 million over the past 16 months and earned income for Edwards of $1.25 million.
His biggest single source of earned income was his $479,512 salary from Fortress Investment Group, the hedge fund for which he was a consultant last year.
Edwards has made fighting poverty a signature element of his campaign. He has said his work for a fund that generally caters to the wealthiest of investors was designed to educate him about the relationship between poverty and wealth and should not overshadow his work for the poor.

Can anyone decipher that last statement, sounds like he's more confused than usual. If you have ever been a mill hand, in the south, or lived around them, poverty is no mystery.

I would expect an ambulance chaser and shyster lawyer to do better in the evasion department.

Dragon with an expensive haircut.