Monday, May 28, 2007

Who are the monsters here?

I, like everyone else, saw the pictures of the 1060 lb pig killed on the hunting preserve. The kid was shooting a hand gun bigger than any I have ever shot, and he's eleven. Good on him. Not enough gun for that pig, but how would you know?

I went to the website, , and looked around, then I read the comments. They are extremely fair, they have a negative as well as a positive section.

The people who are leaving negative comments have,,,, issues, I can't believe the sick crap directed at this kid.

To those folks who want to offer violence to him, hey stupid, he carries a gun, and if you threaten him with lethal force, he can legally use it!

To the tree huggers, stick with things that don't bite. If you run over to a similar beast to express your love and respect for wild life, engrave your name on your belt buckle, so, if it is found, you can be identified. What the H$11 do you think the tusks are for? It would gut you then eat you, the nick name "monster" is appropriate because of his size as well as his eating habits. This isn't an "Innocent animal", this is a brutal killer raised for hunting. The news article on the site, reported that the hunters spent some time avoiding the hog.

Where do you think bacon comes from?


HollyB said...

I haven't been to that site, yet. But what kind of a$$hat rips a KID for going hunting?
Besides, we have the skull of a Feral Hog on our wall the the Dearly Beloved shot.
You've inspired my blog for today.

Strings said...

Holly, youaren't the only blogger doing this one: I'll be writing my own piece after reading the rest of my blogroll...

Damn... ragging on a kid via the interweb because he shot a feral hog. THAT takes courage, now doesn't it?

HollyB said...

I went and read the comments, Positive and negative. I found it interesting, though not really surprising, that the negative comments were largely mis-spelled, profane and full of grammatical errors.

BTW, DW, you've been tagged with a Musical MeMe. See my Monday Blog for more details.