Wednesday, May 16, 2007

D.C. about to get self defence?

Research shows that law-abiding citizens using firearms for protection can save lives and deter crimes. In Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control, co-authors Gary Kleck and Don Kates note that "as many as 2.5 million victims use guns to defend against crime each year" and "handguns are actually used by victims to repel crime far more often than they are by criminals in committing crimes - as much as three times more."

Dean Borelli posting at TownHall, interesting reading.

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night lightning woman said...

Unlike so many of you, I don't shoot any more for fun because of the arthritis in my wrists. Shooting actually hurts a couple of days. But--I've been well trained. I've long ago figured out the trajectories so I won't kill the neighbors, and I know my arthritic gait makes me a more toothsome victim than otherwise. But intruders beware. You break into my home and I will do my level best to blow you away. It is important, always, to know how to use the tools. Then attitude matters. I do have attitude.