Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gun advice

Bonnie,I can't disagree with any of the comments posted here, so let me add a few facts.

Unless you use jacketed .38 bullets in your .357, you could build up lead and powder deposits that would make loading the longer .357 rounds difficult.

A pure .38+P is alfully close to a .357, and a really good choice. A long time friend, a Navy Seal with two tours in Vietnam, sheriff deputy and training officer for his department requests those because of the increased accuracy, due to decreased flinch.

A lighter weapon means more felt recoil and more possibility of flinching.

The only way to shoot good is to shoot a lot. Cheap is neat.

As a practical matter, two rounds in the chest of an attacker will just about cure his problems no matter what you use.

If you can hit what you are shooting at, anything will work, if you can't, nothing will work.

My carry gun is a SIG P230SS in .380 with Hornady hollow points. I highly recommend stainless handguns as I am a sorry bastard and hate to clean guns.

Above was my post to Bonnie regarding her first (?) handgun.

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