Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Media Dragons

6. Press Ignores Encouraging Terror Statistics

Last week the State Department issued its annual report on terrorism around the world, which showed a sharp decline in terrorist attacks and murders in many regions last year.

Aside from the Middle East, the number of attacks was down by more than 300 incidents compared to 2005.

According to the report, terrorism was down by 10 percent in South Asia, down 18 percent in Europe, and down 54 percent in Central and South America.

“That, however, has not been the lede story in America’s liberal media,” reports NewsBusters.org, a blog from the Media Research Center dedicated to combating liberal media bias.

“Instead, they’ve chosen to focus their attentions on how terrorism has increased in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

One wire service story cited by NewsBusters was headlined “U.S. sees sharp rise in global terrorism deaths.”

NewsBusters complains: “What is unacceptable is the American press’ complete ignoring of the rest of the State Department’s numbers.”

Wow! I'm so surprised! Ripped from News Max

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