Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy day yesterday....

Signed my contract, spent an hour looting for my spotting scope, didn't find it until about nine last night,

Figured out that all my cases for the guns were at the storage unit (rats) !

The boys came over a little early and we loaded up, we took about Four hundred dollars worth of ammo and a truck load of guns to the range.

I keep a stock of belts, holsters, ear plugs, targets, and my cleaning kit is a huge tackle box.

We had four long guns and eight pistols.

Even though a shot from some of those guns amounts to throwing two dollars on the fire, we had a blast.

I am secure in my position as family marksman, I can still out shoot the boys. The entertainment industry continues to have a disastrous effect on marksmanship. I did some coaching and demonstration, to good effect.

Two of the rifles fire vastly different calibers at about the same velocity. The big bore is three times as heavy per bullet as the smaller. Each has a target style scope with large turrets for adjustment.

I like to shoot long distance.

The bowing to the master started when I started calling my shots and picking clothespins off the line at a hundred yards, with a .300 Winmag. That's not up to my previous standard, but I'm going to work on that. Most of our long distance shooting was done with a .223 with a heavy stainless barrel, much easier on the shoulder.

The final shot sealed the deal, I called the pin and centered the pin and the rebar it was pinned to with the first shot.

The son-in-law was suitably impressed.

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