Monday, June 9, 2008

I think the congress critters need to read this

I filled my truck the other day and set a personal record of three hundred and seventy five dollars ($375) with three quarters of a tank left in the back tank. Thank the good Lord I only drive that monster when some one else is paying for the fuel.

As you can easily imagine I am more than slightly tired of that.

There fore, as whining with out a proposed solution is &itching, my proposal!

Barter; raise the price of food and technology to oil producing countries. Make a barrel of oil currency or more firmly tie it to the markets. The royalty that is getting rich from oil while their subjects are living in mud huts needs to hear the growl of their peoples stomachs. When the growl gets to the throats and the volume is sufficient to shake them awake.

Things might get a little better.

Another proposal needing a close look is ACTUALLY becoming self sufficient, rather than just talking about it. A recent study, (through a crystal ball perhaps, I have no idea how this was done) says we have more undeveloped oil reserves than the rest of the world put together!!!!! Let’s stimulate the economy by building refineries, and perfecting technology to recover this oil without destroying the environment. We are the supposed greatest nation in the world, time to prove it again. If we can put a man on the moon and build the Interstate System (technology and engineering), surely a profit producing national project isn’t beyond us.

I believe I'll just send this along.

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phlegmfatale said...

Omg - BRILLIANT! Bilk the oil-soaked nations for hefty levys when they buy western wheat. It's only fitting. Why didn't the congresscritters think of that?

Oh yeah-- they're not on our side.