Friday, June 13, 2008

My Government has their pound of flesh

Twenty seven years ago I bought some land in the hopes that I could build on it later. That never happened. I sold it at the peak of the market, as everyone would hope to do. I made a lot of money, it only took a twenty seven year wait. I worked almost every day last year, thousands of hours. In total, I paid in fifty seven thousand dollars in taxes. Today, I get to pay the remaining twenty thousand dollars.

That's right folks, my tax liability this year is seventy seven thousand dollars.


I am speechless.


Larry said...

Wow, you paid as much in taxes as I made this last year...
I guess that makes you one of the evil hated rich?

DW said...

It only took me twentysix years to make that money, not to mention about 3000 hours labor and the wifes income as well.
Heh, rich, makes me want to cry.