Monday, June 9, 2008

Distastful as it is,,,,

I have avoided saying much about the Primary races, mainly due to disgust over the candidates involved. A greater group of prevaricators has never disgraced the American people since Teddy Kennedy or Richard Nixon.

I am a Republican and a conservative, if you hadn’t already figured that out. McCain is a Republican in name only, a RINO. He cosponsored a direct assault on our freedom of speech with the McCain-Feingold Act. The law that prohibits most citizens from expressing their opinion with in ,I believe, ninety days of an election. Now “news reporting” will be the tactic of the hour for generating support for a candidate. I don’t think anyone will be making news to have the chance to blurt something about a candidate. It is more likely the liberal media will decide the elections, based on who they grant the most coverage to.

Three guesses who that will be.

He also co sponsored an amnesty bill for illegal aliens.

He votes Prolife only as often as needed to mollify his constituents, and thereby be reelected. I have no problems with an elected official voting as they were elected to vote, regardless of their personal beliefs. It is their job to support those things their district tells them to support. I do have a problem with going through the motions while promoting some contrary notion. In short, they are employees of their district and should bear that firmly in mind.

Those are the remarks about the dude I’m going to vote for.

The other guy is an arrogant pretender. That’s his good side, the rest of his sides don’t add up to much. He has been an invisible Senator, voting, if this is possible, to the left of Teddy Kennedy. As I write this he is speaking to North Carolinians about the economy, I hope his comments are fed to him by economists. More likely they are formulated by the Democratic Party. I believe he is a lawyer, not a financial wizard.

Obama, I had quite the inner struggle to avoid twisting his name into an insult, is a socialist. He promotes power to the government to redistribute income, not wealth, income. Tax everyone to the grave and beyond for the “greater good”, then pay for programs to help those who’s lives revolve around making the same mistakes over and over.
I have never heard a plan of action to accomplish any thing he has put forward, only rhetoric and feel goodisms.

The quotes attributed to him are all anti-American, and all racist, that I have heard. They are very certainly taken out of context, even with that being true, those words should never have passed the lips of any citizen of this country. I will have to force myself to research this cretin to more accurately evaluate the Presidential candidate most likely to destroy this country and the few freedoms that remain.

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