Monday, June 23, 2008

A semi successful day

We have been praying for rain for so long the entire county is hoarse. Now the rains come when I need to work outside, normal at least.

I found the leak on the dish washer and fixed that with a new hose.

I hung the riding mower up from a hoist and gutted it like a deer, parts are on order.

Tomorrow I'm going to ride the bike over to sign my contract for the fall, 42 days in Connecticut.

In the afternoon I am going to the range and bust a bunch of caps! I decided a long time ago, if I get stopped on the way to or from the range, I'll just throw the keys to the center line of the road and spread eagle on the shoulder. When they look in the back, nothing I say will ever convince them that I'm not about to start a war.

Oh! Well! If you're going to play, then play hard!

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