Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blue Eyed Soul

Went to a concert by Michael McDonald last night. The man gives a good show. No Flash, just good music.

The opening was the introduction ( not by McDonald) of four marines wounded in Iraq, they got a five minuet standing ovation. Oh Yes! We love our boys in uniform! Several thousand people, everyone there, stood up and showed them the love. Guess who we support.

McDonald still has the voice and he can still wear out a keyboard. His group is experienced, talented, and professional. He didn't waste any time talking, we got an hour and a half of good music.

We proved, yet again, that white boys cain't dance, try as we may. I will pat a foot, if the music is good, but stomping around the camp fire trying to show my rhythm and flexibility is DOOMED from the start. Unfortunately some of the guys at the show don't own a mirror, and the poor attempts at "shakin' da booty" were pitiful.

Too much booty,,,,, not enough soul

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HollyB said...

Glad to hear you had a good time, DW, you needed a night out and some fun as hard as you've been working.
Now white boys maybe cain't do some kinda daincin', but you give those same boys a 2-step tune, and they can dance all nite-long. Yeah, I've polished a few belt buckles in my time.