Saturday, April 7, 2007

To comfort AD

Here at good ole Stumpwater Nuclear Plant we are not sleep deprived, just confused as to which day it is, and If I'm working or not.

I wish I could have a day or two off so I can remember who I am, and where I belong. Our outage is 30% over schedule due to discovery items that get repaired.

My outage duties entail leak rate testing class 1,2 and 3 piping. Our total allowable leakage is 150 scfh at 50 lbs. That is spread over 250 valves. That number is meaningless to the general population, but think of it as a couple of minuets of heavy breathing.

I tell the people who are so unwise as to question my ability as a test director, " I just put air in a pipe, if it wont stay, its a maintenance problem." We test to three decimal places for each cubic foot of air.

We, all of us, are held to a standard of zero errors, for every thing we do.

I will swear to anyone who really cares, this is the safest place I have ever worked! No one will take the slightest chance of a marginal result. I and all of my family live here, and I know the risks better than anyone outside the business.

Rest easy my brother,we will not let you down!

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