Friday, April 13, 2007

Useless Nitwit Dragon

The Useless Nitwits on Turtle Bay are hereby declared the most blind, helpless, hopeless disorganised moronic Dragon in existence.

Iran has proclaimed the ability to enrich uranium on an industrial scale.

The UN allowed them to chair the Nonproliferation Committee! Iran is railing against the US and Israel as violating the nonproliferation resolutions!

If you can make sense of that, you are way smarter than me. I have been on board with the idea that the UN should pack their bags and move to a venue that they can't find enough to criticise. Oh! Wait that place doesn't exist.

Maybe Libia?

Wait, Libia doesn't have the restaurant scene they need.

Where ever they go we should not fund our biggest critics.

By way of blond sagacity

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HollyB said...

Oh yeah, I'm on board with the "Evict the UN" bandwagon!