Thursday, April 26, 2007

Great News

A young lady that we have kind of adopted called today, she had lost our number and like the rest of the world, is insanely busy. A few years ago she and the love of my life worked together. She was a slightly tragic figure, very attractive, but lots of trouble with the men in her life. She wanted to love someone so bad, but attracted the kind of guys that had to be players and wouldn't return her love. A common story, I know, but sad all the same.

I was a stand in for her dad, he had little good to say to his only girl, things were strained and painful for her. There were a couple of times that I put on my daddy face and discussed options with the NCO's of boyfriends. We will say I made an impression, and didn't have to follow up.

A couple of years after she came into our lives, her luck improved, she met David. A real person and someone who loved her as she needed to be loved. Life took it's course and they were married. One of the greatest compliments I have received was when she asked me to give her away, if her father couldn't make the ceremony. My luck wasn't good enough and I had to pass that honor to the man who deserved it. I still remember.

Today, four and a half years since our last meeting, she called. She is five and a half months pregnant with her first son.

I can't think of a person who wants or deserves a child so much.

We shopping for baby stuff soon. Baby Camo, baby fishing rod, sling shot, pellet gun, dogs.

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night lightning woman said...

Isn't it amazing how much joy we get when we hear something like this happening to someone else? A definte upbeat in your day, week--this little guy's arrival will spill happiness into your own cups for a long time to come. And how great you have all reconnected.