Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why Global Warming Doesn't Matter

A fact that doesn't get enough attention is that 2% of our population feeds the other 98% and a lot of the world besides. A lot of this is irrigated and harvested in the high plains.

The source of a great deal of this water is the Ogalalla Aquifer. This is fossil water, unreplenished since the last ice age. I some areas it is less than one sixth it's original volume.

We now have entrepreneurs drilling and pumping to the cities strictly for profit. It is also under "management", a sure sign of trouble, as that always works so well.

If this lake of several hundred thousand square miles of underground water declines to the point of not being readily available to raise crops, then busy breeders beware! The population control freaks will get their wish. Cheap, plentiful food is necessary for a high density population.

Another contributor could be the coming dust bowl in the Midwest. The shelter belts planted in the Great Depression have been cut down to be put under the plow. A few hot summers and less water, the wind always blows anyway, there you are. We almost changed the Midwest into a desert the first time, this time we will likely get the job done.

If prices for everything from grits to steak don't go up, then I will really be surprised.
If you must devote most of your resources to feeding yourself, luxury spending like travel, recreation, hobbies that have significant cost will disappear in the need for survival. Dissolving of the economy will remove the ability to feed their family's from a few million folks, and that never caused a problem, did it?

The point is, we are living in a house of cards, the first touch will bring them all down, and the greedy and thoughtless are shaking as hard as they can.

I feel in my gut that great changes are coming to the world, they will not bring an easier life.

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