Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I always wanted one of those.......

I am like most people, I like good music. My problem is I'm a little deaf, which makes hearing all the music a little iffy. Like most hard of hearing I kind of think if I just turn it up it will sound better.

I know that's not true, but it feels better. In order to turn it up, you first must have an up to turn to. When I found my self single and suddenly solvent again, I decided to, finally, buy a quality stereo. The object of my pleasure was a component unit with, tuner, tape deck, CD changer, and two sets of speakers large enough to be end tables. 100 watts per channel, four speakers with 10 inch woofers.

It sounded great. You could put in five CD's and sit in the sun room with the remote and read and control the music with out ever getting up.

My son was living with me at the time and he often felt the need to play some of his angry young man music, at a volume that would vibrate the dishes off the table. I disapproved.

Early one morning I was in the kitchen, with my first cup of coffee, when the big kid stalked out of his room, wearing his undergarments, hair in his eyes, only one of which was open, and put in a CD of something that only the artist could love, pushed the close button, and turned his back on the amp.

Unknown to us, the kitty had been on patrol in the night, she had stopped with one foot on the remote, and run the volume all the way up. She was watching from the coffee table, in the geometric center of the cone of destruction from the speakers.

She had that one coming.

As the big kid took his first step away form the stereo, the music came on.

It sounded like an artillery attack, the kid went straight up about three feet, I think I threw a full cup of coffee onto the ceiling, the cat disappeared in a cloud of hair for parts unknown.

Bedlam ensued.

The kid was crouched in the living room holding his ears, I am screaming at the top of my voice to "SHUT IT OFF".

Idle hope that.

He couldn't have heard me if my face had been touching his. I am sure the neighbors thought we were killing each other. One of us managed to get the off button, the silence was astounding.

Then there was the pause in the stillness, just before we laughed our butts off.

I think the cats ears are still ringing.


Ambulance Driver said...

Back when I was training dogs for a living, I was a notoriously deep sleeper. They didn't make an alarm clock that could rouse me.

I wound up cranking my stereo full blast and plugging it into an appliance timer. After about a week of that, I started waking with a start at precisely 5:59 am. I'd get up, walk across the room, and turn off the stereo BEFORE it had a chance to scare the hell out of me. ;)

HollyB said...

"Cats are evil creatures and must be destroyed," Holly's dawg Boo.

DW said...

Cats are evil creatures, however they are sneaky, coniving, soft, cuddley, things that want us to belive they like us.

Yes ..Evil

Alcibiades said...

I used to pump up my alarm clock to wake up as well. It was a good idea... until I damaged my hearing in one ear. Fortunately, it is only slightly damage, probably no worse than what my siblings have done to their ears from their music habits.