Monday, April 16, 2007

Marine Night Out

Friday night The Love of My Life and I went to a roof top bar to hang out with the oldest daughter. It felt a little bit odd to be hanging with the kids, not that many kids are comfortable with that, we don't mind but they get a little jumpy.

We sat at the bar where we could watch the door, and there was a lot to see.

This was a haven for the overdeveloped and under dressed. I made a mostly successful attempt to keep the slack jawed shock hidden. I saw several girls doing things that their Momma would 'a had a heart attack did she know. H&11, I got palpitations and I ain't even related!

The guys were more slack jawed than me, and having less luck with the girls. The music was very, very, loud. That might have mattered, if I could have understood a single word, but there was no danger of that.

I got the chance to say thanks to four Marine Aviators, a Captain down to a Warrant. Their decorations, and badges made them Aviators, and each had a Combat Infantry Badge, so I'm guessing each had one tour behind them. They were in Dress Uniform, and having no trouble with the ladies, as you might imagine. These were obviously men, and the boys had no play.

I am making a point to say "Thanks" and shake the hand of as many military as I can.

I got the real chance when one of the Marines went to the bar, I had the bar tender give him his card back and gave her mine.

I didn't lack for service the rest of the night.