Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An eventful day....

This household now has two grandparents in the hurt locker.

The Love of My Life's mother went to pick up a prescription Friday. CVS gave her the wrong drugs. The drugs in question were for someone else, the name was wrong on the bottle. She told them it was not her name on the bottle. The high school girl at the counter, told the hearing impaired elderly lady, "it's your take it and go"!

She was upset to say the least.

Now she was off the BP meds for three days, and didn't eat or drink anything (I don't know why). The Youngest daughter stopped by to check on her, she was in bed and wouldn't get up. She continued to yell "go away, leave me alone!"

I get a call, "What should I do?" Hang up call EMS, NOW! Shortly she is in the hospital, dehydrated and apparently starving her self to death. She is sitting at the bottom of a deep well of depression, and will not call out for help.

Geriatric Physician today.

The BrassDragon was displeased, very!

Just because you are a bored self important primadonna bit#h, doesn't mean you have a right to disrespect, and possibly poison someone who, is a customer that keeps your company in business.

The Love of My Life got to them before I got the call. Lucky them!

The other side of the Grand parent scheme is always sick of something, but usually in good spirits about it. She is in the regional witch doctors hut. I have no info on her, other than she is an, elderly, diabetic, hypochondriac, who cherishes her illness. (?)

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Holly said...

I certainly hope both Ladies are doing better by now.
And I also hope that little teen queen is lookin' for a new job.