Thursday, November 29, 2007

Survival just got easier

The up grade of the Mobile Survival facility has been completed. The unit pictured is better than tent camping, but only slightly. True, you can cook, bathe, sleep, cool your beer and perform basic living functions with out going outside. If there are two of you then getting by each other assumes the aspect of military maneuvers. Most likely someone is going outside.

Some difficulties include, literally climbing into bed, then there is the climb down in the morning
when the knees hate me, as much as I hate them. The first step to get in the door raises my knee well above the waist line, not good at all.The door to the
toilet isn't wide enough to pass my shoulders and we ain't gonna comment on the tummy.

The slide in camper is a marvel of compactness, sort of like Tetras on wheels. This unit has no AC, it's wired for it, but there is no unit. Both the space heater and the water heater are manually lit. The holding tanks have no monitor panel. The list of issues goes on and on. It weighs in at 1852 lbs.

This unit has several very civilised additions to the mundane that I wouldn't have thought about. An outside shower, outside storage access, A battery for lights and water when you are unhooked from the truck charging system. The key selling points include the comfortable sofa, in addition to the dinette seats. A queen size bed that you can get into without scaling a wall. A closet that will hold clothes. Very importantly, Air Conditioning!

The standard improvements include the monitor panels, two TV shelves, storage under everything, clock radio/CD player, and a fridge big enough to cool more than one beer and one jar of mayo at the same time. All the gas powered things are auto light. ( I was amazed by that)

The wall between the bed room and kitchen will get a thirty two inch wide screen TV, with a DVD player on the TV shelf behind it. The kitchen TV shelf will get a digital weather station. The bed room will get blackout curtains all around.

This one weighs in at 4600 lbs, or about half the towing capacity of my truck. It also has electric brakes, and believe it or not my truck was already wired for them.


Holly said...

Movin' on UP, DW! Good to see you will be more comfortable now. Perhaps the LoyL will be persuaded to join you on occasion, too?

And no more bugs in the soup, I hope.

Hammer said...

Very nice!

Much better than the VW popup van I used to ride around in.