Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I have learned on the road.

Keep in mind folks, this is from only two trips.

Closer is not always more convenient, if you have to pack up two things to get one out, you need more room.

Just because you can heat water, doesn't mean you should, it uses a lot of LP.

LP tanks are very, very finite, and if they run out in the cold snap, it gets cold as a well diggers butt in the Klondike.

I don't sleep well when I'm too cold.

There is always a Walmart close by. That means you don't have to carry food with you, they have some, and it all costs the same as at home.

In warm weather, AC is a must. That is unless you like sticking to your sheets, and feeling like warm puke while you try to rest.

Cooking outside is fun, only if you don't have to, other wise rain will thin your soup. Bugs also like your soup and feel they have a natural right to commit suicide in it.

Bugs are protien too, and crunchy.

You can accumulate thirty gallons of waste water simply by thinking about it, then you must dispose of it.

The education will continue, I'm sure!