Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Short Guns I have Known 1

I would like to preface this series by saying, although I'm a certified instructor and a life long gun nut, I am not a know-it-all. I have shot many different weapons, I reserve the right to fire any hand gun that is new to me, when I teach a fire arms class. I get around a little, in some odd groups, some military, some police, and know a couple of murderous bastards who always have something nasty in their pocket. I am always interested in new things to shoot. I've had the chance to shoot hand guns ranging from a river boat gamblers break top .38SW revolver to the newest Walther 9mm. That doesn't cover everything by any means, but it's a good sample.

These weapons are all legally owned.

The pistol pictured above is a Jennings / Bryco .22 semi auto. It is the Saturday night special everyone is terrified of. It cost the grand sum of $65. The weapon is a lot of fun to shoot. It comes with two clips that hold seven shots each. It is surprisingly accurate considering the cast in place sights, the twenty or so pounds of ragged trigger pull, and the totally inadequate grips. With the use of carefully managed trigger control, one can hit regularly a three inch circle ten or so feet away. Not a tack driver, but if you sit on someones chest and stick it up their nose, entirely adequate for self defence. The body silencer position is also adequate. I know people who have shot these things to death, the top of the slide completely worn through. Like I said a lot of fun to shoot.

I bought this on on the recommendation of a retired SF type who made the statement, "I like these because if you ever have to use it, you just kick it under a coke machine and it will never be found, you just report it stolen."

As I said odd circles.

This gun can be easily covered by my double extra lovely hands, however, as it has three moving parts and a plastic safety, there isn't enough money readily available to persuade me to stick it in my pocket.

There are some places that a tourniquet just wouldn't do!

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