Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I think I'm 'gonna heave

U.S. Govt. Pays Tax Evaders Billions

One example includes the owner of several nursing homes who had been convicted for failing to pay $14 million in back taxes yet continued collecting government Medicaid payments. He purchased a luxury home for several million dollars and spent tens of thousands of dollars furnishing it with crystal chandeliers, upscale porcelain china and expensive rugs. He also took exotic vacations and bought a Rolex watch for $16,000.
Because Medicaid payments are actually made by individual states, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials say they cannot levy Medicaid payments to collect the back taxes even though the program is mostly funded with federal tax dollars.

Is it any surprise that medical costs are so high? The managers are stealing the patient and the Government blind! The logic is "it's a victimless crime, after all it's the government's money". No it's our money that we paid in taxes! It leads to higher medical costs which drives up our insurance rates! (If I charge the Govt. this much it makes it "reasonable and customary" and then I can charge you the same.)

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