Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From the Stop the ACLU site

Edwards Will Force Health care Program On Everyone
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Wow! Whatever happened to Democrats being pro-choice? Will this forced health care pay for abortions too? Don’t Democrats believe that women should make their own health care decisions? Talk about totalitarianism! Flip says:
The front running Democrats are just tripping over themselves in their efforts to one-up the unspeakable idiocy of each other’s health care plans.
“I’m mandating health care for every man woman and child in America and that’s the only way to have real universal health care.”
“Every time you go into contact with the health care system or the government you will be signed up.”
During a press avail following the event Edwards reiterated his mandate:
“Basically every time they come into contact with either the health care system or the government, whether it’s payment of taxes, school, going to the library, whatever it is they will be signed up.”
When asked by a reporter if an individual decided they didn’t want health care Edwards quickly responded, “You don’t get that choice.“
Hmmm…here is a scary thought. How is Edwards planning on enforcing this? Role model?

The Breck Girl is a communist, big surprise!

The logic is impeccable, from the Democrat perspective, save the poor, dumb, idjits from the fate they have worked so hard for.

It's for their own good!

We'll make the rich who have worked hard and made good decisions pay the slackers way. That way I can assuage my guilt, by giving money (health care isn't free) to the lazy, and you can pay for it! It's a lose,win,win deal! Most importantly, I'm not the loser! It's the middle class that will bear the brunt, and they're too dumb to catch on, but well enough off to pay more taxes!

Will anyone ever pay attention to the fact that every well has a bottom, and the faster you draw from it the sooner it goes dry? The big earners are retiring in droves, and the on coming generation doesn't want to work! Where will the money come from?

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