Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm Hooo--ooome,

I rolled in this morning, bright and early. I was offered a day by day for two days, and I just couldn't do it. I missed the Love of my Life, and the rest of my life. Her most of all.

I wrote two weeks ago that the blogging would continue, silliest of me, trying to cook, wash, clean, drive three hours a day, and squeeze a little sleep in occasionally makes it tough.

Maybe now that I'm at home I can do better.


Harry Steele said...

Welcome Home!
I have been patiently waiting but I can wait a few more days. I understand priorities and yours are in the right place! Say hello to your Lady for us readers and God Bless.

night lightning woman said...

I notice almost everyone I read is writing less frequently the last few months (including me). In my case, it is not business, but for Law Dog and Better and Better, I think it is. As for you, you are learning a very difficult lifestyle and how to make it work. Cut yourself some slack. Like the previous writer, I agree--your priorities are straight. I agree with you, too. After all the training you did for running earlier, your muscles must be screaming like an Akita pup in a short dog run. Always good to see your posts, even when I disagree:)!