Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An Apology

An Apology to both my readers, slow posting due to earning my keep. Have to keep the baby's mama in toys. Tomorrow is my day off this week. That would be two out of fifteen. Hard to keep the homestead up like that. Howsomeever when I think of how much they pay me for what I do, I giggle like a school girl. If your imagination can see me as an ogre school girl, you're close. (The last time I was ill because the company made me drive to a training class, I thought about forty eight cents a mile at seventy miles an hour plus forty eight dollars an hour. That comes out to eighty one dollars and sixty cents an hour. I smiled and felt much better.)I try to swear off the overtime but the outages just keep piling up.

I will try to do better, I promise.

I will have to build a computer and load it tomorrow, so I can ransom my laptop from the girls. I also have to get something sparkly for the love of my life. Ear rings to match her right hand diamond ring. What do you girls think?

I have lots more red neck stories, and fishing stories, and some Army stories. Well tomorrow starts at 0415, one more Margarita and off I go!


Ron Simpson said...

what do you do to make that much cash? I think I am in the worn profession.

DW said...

Nuclear Operator, and you get all the gammas you can munch. Neutrons are a bonus.