Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Have any of you heard of this incident? I got it from a coworker of my wife.


Zoie, a family pet was shot by a neighbor in front of Zoie’s Mom and
kids. The husband, Zoe’s human dad, is presently stationed in Kuwait,
under Operation Iraqi Freedom. This family needs our help to get the
word out of what their neighbor has just done to their pet.

You’ll see part of the problem is that the Animal Control officer of
Bryon, who is related to the Mayor of Bryon won’t help, and is just as
cruel, see the article at
Dear Mrs. Mary Greene,

I am Walt Smisson and I am currently in the country of Kuwait working
with the US military and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Yesterday (June 16th 2007), my neighbor, Mr. Jason Allman in an act of
insanity and barbarism lured my family’s pet husky puppy into his yard
and beat her with a claw hammer while my wife and children looked on in
horror and disbelief. He then fired his hand gun into her head while my
wife was trying to get to the puppy.

My wife was less than two feet away from the blast and my son a mere 10
feet. Other children were in the area not mention Mr. Allman’s own
children. The chances of that bullet not going toward the intended
direction was very high and could have lead to their death or other
neighbors enjoying their afternoon in the area. Mr. Allman may have in
fact fired into my property as well. We are looking at the property plat
and fence line.

He has been in court before for trapping and killing cats and other pets
in our neighborhood. The Byron City Police were summoned by a 911 call
but before they got there Mr. Allman made threats to my son and wife
while still brandishing the firearm and then he shot our very maimed pet
as she lay there crying for my wife to help her.

The police took Mr. Allman away to the Byron Jail but I suspect he will
get out today or tomorrow.

After all of this, members of his family moved their two trucks to their
back yard and pointed them toward our fence and residence and began
revving the engines as if they were going to plow through into our home
and dog lot. Both trucks are still here this morning. All of this was
captured on video tape from security cameras including the horrible
death of our puppy and the screams of family and the puppy can be heard.

It is a sick and disturbed person that does this type of thing and I
want everyone to know who he is, where he lives and to watch out for
these people. I am over here in the Middle East protecting you and our
country. Could you at least provide an inquiry to increase awareness and
provide a sense of protection from this beast for my family and

I think that if he gets out there will be an escalation in violence
toward my wife and children. I can't protect my family from over here
any other way. I need your help to ensure he is prosecuted as much as
the Georgia codes will allow. (felony cruelty to animals, reckless
endangerment to residents, discharging a firearm in a residential area,
terroristic threats, use of a firearm while committing a felony.) I hope
at least one of these will stick on his record. It is so hard to do my
job when I am worried about my loved ones back home.

My wife may be reached at and I will certainly answer any questions over
email or if you provide a phone number I will call you.
I just can’t believe that staying out of harms way over here may be
easier than at my own home in Byron, Georgia.

The Byron Police Department number is: (478) 956-2880 or (478) 256-3828.


Walton C. Smisson

Tough guy, bet he slaps babies and drowns little chickens too!
Spread it people, lets take this one viral!


HollyB said...

I can only pray this woman has some firearms training of her won and a shotgun for home defense!
Hopefully, she has a restraining order against this wacko by now. That way when he walks through the restraining order, she can defend herself while waiting for the police to arrive and have a more valid legal defense...if you understand what I'm sayin'
It disturbs me greatly that this sicko has a history of torturing and killing small animals in the neighborhood. I think most of us are well aware that a lot of serial killers engage in such behavior before escalating to killing humans.
Dahm, what a horrible situation.

Babs RN said...

DW: check the news in the area, the guy's already been charged with a felony.

I knew it sounded like an instigating type thing when i read it. It is not entirely accurate:


DW said...

I thought it was a give and take also, but killing a dog in front of the family that owns it is just wrong. There are lots of ways to deal with this kind of problem short of confrontation. I expect the guy looks at the lawyer bill now and wishes it were for a lawsuit to settle the issue, whatever it is, rather than defence of a felony. If he gets off, and I wouldn't be suprised if he does, what will he do next? The girl seems more focused on her dogs than getting along, that's a lot more than is written in the story.
Walter, though I love him for being in the military, is riding the "I'm defending you" line.
All that being said, beating a dog to death with a hammer, in front of the children, his and hers, is disgusting.

Rabbit said...

Granted, I have a bias towards canines ( I just adopted a rescue Huksy myself), but this person should have the full force of the justice system (such as it is) come down upon him with all four feet.

Antagonizing one's neighbors for sport is wrong, but killing a pet lured into your yard should release hell upon him.

I suspect his karma is about to turn very bad.

As this is a public forum, I'm using a tremendous amount of restraint to hold back the vitriol I feel toward people who do such to animals. My own term for it is 'shovel therapy'.


Strings said...

Well... I've posted it over on my blog. I'd REALLY like a bit of time alone with the person that thinks luring a puppy into their yard to torture it in front of it's owners can be justified...