Friday, June 29, 2007

Fair???? To Whom???

I just listened to John (mumbles) Kerry stumble and stammer through an explanation of the need for the fairness doctrine.
I am a little curious as to why economic forces can't do the job. When Air America went under it was after several people were found to have given them money that should have gone elsewhere. They couldn't get sponsors for their programing, in my opinion, due to the ranting and drivel of Mr. Franken. The content, or non content, if you prefer, didn't draw an audience.

That means they were so far left, that the left couldn't listen to them.

Now that’s bad I don't care who you are.

The market is the key, it is the people. If the people don't want to hear the junk, why try to force the media into delivering unwanted trash?

If there is no market, how will they force anyone to listen. If the intent is to be fair in the dissemination of information, then they will have to air something besides Democratic talking points and conspiracy theories.

So far that would be the only thing the Dems. don't complain about.

Conservative Talk shows are not, to the best of my knowledge, financed by public funds. National Public Radio, the bastion of liberal opinion, is publicly funded.

Does anyone think the government will decide to be fair and let conservative programing come to NPR? I'm thinking not.

All that is mildly interesting to me, only mildly.

The thing I find so hard to understand is the people have spoken, they want to hear conservative radio, if they wanted to listen to liberal spewing, they would. The politicos need to listen to the will of their constituants, and conduct themselves accordingly.

Why can't we let the market place determine the will of the people?

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