Sunday, December 2, 2007

Short Guns I have known 2

There are some people who are so lucky it boggles the mind. My dad was one of those, except for the cancer that killed him anyway.

There are some folks who supplement their income by raffeling or "shooting off" items that a lot of folks might want but can't afford. Like a handgun.

We'll skip right over the caviler disregard for the Gun Control Act of 1968.

These types always have something to sell a ticket for, and the number of tickets are small enough to give tolerable odds. When the tickets are all sold, the stubs are tacked to a circular board, attached to some post or backstop and spun. Some non ticket holder, like anyone could choose a ticket and hit it, will shoot the outer edge of the board. The perforated ticket is the winner. Obviously impossible to cheat and demonstrating in this case that the pistol works.

My Dad won two pistols that way.

The one pictured above is a five shot .38 Special. It has only been fired a few times. Certainly less than a box of rounds. After my Dads death my mother kept the gun in a night stand, like most folks. She rarely even thought about it, according to her. One of my busy body neices decided she could get depressed and "hurt herself with it".


This woman is a graduate of the Eighth Grade, when that ment something! She might do you a severe disservice with a pistol, but she thinks entirely too much of her self to even contemplate self injury. It would, very literally, never cross her mind.

Howsome ever, the busy body unloaded the pistol, and hid the ammo and gun in two different spots.

That didn't last long.

On my next visit she gave the gun to me.

This isn't a pocket pistol, too big and heavy to be that kind of carry. An ankle holster or shoulder holster certainly would render the little boomer hard to see. It has a one inch or so of barrel, so you can be sure the muzzle blast is sufficent to embed unburned powder in any target close enough to hit with a bullet. This is another of those times that you have to sit on your assilant, feel around for a vital area, place the gun carefully between your fingers and then shoot them, it will work fine.

I have a great deal of respect for the effectiveness of a .38, just not in this gun.The three inch sight radius isn't very conducitive to good bullet placement and the short barrel will have the obvious effect on muzzle velocity.

On the positive side, ultra reliable, good for close work, more powerful than the .22 in the same type weapon.

I won't sell this one because it belonged to my biggest hero, and maybe the luck came with it.

If not, so what, it's still cool.


Sevesteen said...

My summer carry gun is an Airweight Centennial, a direct descendant of yours. Excellent pocket gun, and I can hit with it out to 10 yards or so. I don't try any farther out, since this isn't a target gun by any means.

Mine is rated for +p ammo, and Speer's 135 JHP is designed specifically for snubnose revolvers. It is a near perfect size for a pocket gun--Big enough that I can handle it, small and rounded enough that it doesn't show in a pocket.

DW said...

I guess one mans pocket pistol is another mans bookend.
The genre of pistol I was comparing to was the old timers .32 cal, or smaller. Something like the American Arms five shot revolver. I actually know someone who killed a man with one of those. It took him five shots and enough luck to hit him between the eyes with the last one.

Sevesteen said...

The aluminum frame on mine helps with the weight, and the overall shape is easier to pocket than a similar-sized auto. I'll agree with you on .32's, especially since the P3AT is available at a decent price.