Friday, December 7, 2007

"A Day That Will Live In Infamy"

This day in 1941 was the start of a war that changed our world. Not only in fire and death but in the way the world looks at this country. We became a superpower. We became an industrial giant.

These are the fruit of the seeds planted on that day.

What are the seeds? There are many more than I can recount, the greatest of these is resolve. There was hate, anger, fear, and probably every emotion in the spectrum, all layered in the minds of America. Out of that resolve grew the nation that provided the might to destroy the axis powers of totalitarian aggression.

Our most recent "Day of Infamy" has raised little that has remained as a monument to those innocents that died. The resolve and anger has been whittled away by the propaganda, not only of our enemy's, but of our own news media. What is left, in many cases, is fear and guilt.

America, on this day of rememberance, recall those that were struck down in 1941, recall the greatness of that generation, recall in yourself the the greatness that the liberal socialist media has sought to suppress.

If this country decides as a whole to persue a goal, no matter what it might be, we can not be stopped.

Drive On!!!

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