Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Short Guns I have known 5

This is one of those serious pieces, it is as you can see a Ruger P89 in 9mm. Stainless of course. I picked this weapon for two very good reasons, price and it was runner up in the competition to replace the Govt. Issue 1911.

If you are a Navy SEAL, runner up means first loser. To the rest of the world it means almost as good and in this case $200 bucks cheaper than the winner.

I didn't like the winner anyway because the barrel has no guide cone that will align the sights and the bore. That's right your M92f barrel will wiggle like a belly dancer and the sights don't move.

The P89 loads 15 and 1, it has the double action trigger pull that you would expect, and a fair to good single action trigger. I like the decocker safety, just get the hammer down and put it back in the fire position. To this date it has functioned well with everything that will fit in the clip, Isralei, Russian, Winchester, round nose, hollow point, it doesn't care.

Unfortunately, this pistol, like most close tolerance pistols is a warm weather weapon. If you get busy and it warms up quickly, it will very likely fail to go into battery. I highly recommend if you have a new pistol test it! Spare yourself a nasty surprise at the worst possible moment!

What more need be said? Four clips for this and a pump shot gun, and we ready to party!

A long time ago I had some body armor and web gear built. I could choose between a pistol and rifle, or a pistol and shotgun combination. No one carrys both rifle and shotgun for CQC. I chose the shotgun and pistol. Now I can carry 61 rounds of 9mm and 18 rounds of 12ga, thats 547 pellets, if you can't negotiate a settlement with that, call your cousins.

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