Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Fair Tax,,,,,, and my government really cares about me!

The other day I wrote a post on the "Fair Tax" (HR-25), I realised from the posts that the commenter's probably hadn't read much about it. I know I hadn't, but I'm working on that. Below are some links to columns and blog posts regarding the so called Fair Tax. Just to be clear it scares the he11 out of me.






There are a few things that occur to me and others as well.

The sale price of goods and services has noting to do with the sale price, that would be what the market will bare.

Many employers will find a way to keep most of the taxes, been there and had it done to me.

Lawyers will find a way to game the system. People who are really rich don't pay taxes, they buy government bonds that are tax free. That won't change, there will be loopholes.

People in the position to do so will live in "company houses", drive "company cars" live on allowances, that aren't taxable.

If someone is truly wealthy the percentage of their total worth, spent on goods and services is tiny compared to those of us who are living on a paycheck.

The right of a government to tax, encompasses until it destroys.

The rest of us will do our trading and selling under the radar, I know I will. But, then Costa Rica, and Belize don't have a fair tax.

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