Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short guns I have known 4

This weapon is my carry piece. Although it looks like a Walther it is a Sig P230SS. The .380 I load it with is a Hornaday hollow point. The seven round clip with one in the chamber puts me one ahead of the revolver in most cases. There is an indicator that pops out, with a red dot, to show that there is something in the chamber. This is an old design with a hammer and a decocking lever. The hammer is blocked until the trigger is pulled preventing the accidental firing of the pistol. I have no clue as to how robust the block might be. I hope to never be unlucky enough to test this component. The slide will lock back at the last round, as most autos, and must be released manually when reloaded. It's double action, with a long, relatively smooth trigger pull of ten pounds or so.

I have always been a fan of James Bond, and the Walther PPKS was a natural choice when searching for a carry pistol. I found this one in a pawn shop after a relatively long, for me, search. I asked the shop owner, by phone, if he had a Walther. He said he did and he said he was ready to sell this one because it had been in the case long enough. The price was no more than some weapons of lesser quality. I still thought it was a Walther, until I held it i my hand. A Sig was the only brand I would have accepted other than a PPKS. As far as I can tell it had never been fired.

The rounded edges make it nice to carry, the stainless frame and slide with plastic grips renders it fairly immune to weather and sweat.

The down side, small as it is, would be the fixed sights. That is a small thing to worry about in something that is unlikely to be used for sniping.

Again with the extra clip, if I can't settle the issue, or get running room with the ammo I carry, I need to go back to the range.

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