Saturday, December 15, 2007

There may not be scientific proof,,,,

But my best guess is, cell phones suck the IQ points right out of your head if you're driving. Almost every time I see someone behind the wheel of a car doing under the speed limit, driving erratically, running a red light, or about to pile-drive a pedestrian in a parking lot, there is a cell phone to their ear.

I can't believe there are that many retarded people with drivers licence.

It must be the cell phones.

It's finally raining here. My yard is full of drip cords, and running full Christmas lights, every noise makes me cringe, I am expecting the whole house to disaperate in a cloud of electric sparks.

Wouldn't the neighbors be amused!

The Scandinavians drink a winter time concoction called Glogg, we bought some to taste. It says to mix with rum or vodka in equal parts. All I've got to say about that is they must have a real fondness for cough syrup. Unfortunately I don't! Well not too expensive, I guess, you couldn't pay me the bottle price to get me to drink more, so I guess I can save it for a cold. I expect something horrible to drink then.

I'm looking for a range bag to carry for a lunch box. Several years ago I bought a 48 can canvas cooler to carry to work. It's wearing out at the corners and dropping the contents every where. I like pockets and pouches to separate the odds and ends, so I went back to the original store to get another Th only one available was in a color sure to start a fight if I come strolling in with the bag on my arm.

I figure a range bag in heavy nylon and black or cammo with monster zippers will last a while and save me from providing an acute education to a loud mouth.

I was mean today, a blond teenager passed me on the right and cut back in front of me at a light. So I put my fingers on the horn button and concentrated on the light. At about point six (.6) seconds into the green I held the button down and gunned the engine, as the SUV in front of me started to move I dumped the clutch and rode her bumper for about twenty feet. Then I drove the speed limit and continued my business. She was speeding, and well out of my way.

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