Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I think I've ruint myself,,,,,

The Love of My Life is very persistent, she ran a half marathon this fall and I ran with her. Key words, with her, and I still do.

She has been running some since, I have not.

Last night we ran together, three miles, 36 min. Sometime between 2330 and 0630 this morning, rigor set in. If it moves it hurts.

Meds are now on board, decaf ( I know, horrible) waiting for the continuous cuppa. I have work to do, an arbor to build, and I need to get a fill in job so my retirement won't be so tiring. Now I have to wait until the meds take effect.

Whiny beyotch that I am, I will get up and move shortly.

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HollyB said...

I had arthroscopic knee surgery Monday on the right one. Quit whinin like a little girl!
Butch up and move! I was crying just tryin to get from the bed to the bathroom Monday night b/c the Ultram was NOT holding the pain.
Got some Lortab on board today and I'm in a much better mood. Pain's down to about a 5 when I walk now. I can handle a 5.