Friday, December 14, 2007

Well it's an issue,,,,

The worthless ex-son-in-law has an issue, at least it will be in about nine months.
His girl friend is hatching.

So he no longer wants custody of his girls. No time for the first children, only his next, unless he can talk her into an abortion. And I know he will try.

This dude is about the biggest waste of air I know. He can't support the children he has fathered, so his next move is to father more. Then he tosses the first batch so they won't interfere with the second.

How do we tell the grand babies this story in a positive light?

Should we point out the obvious to the new girl friend? She may be stupid enough to think she can make a man out of dog $hit, and I apologise to all dogs for that.


Mark said...

I saw the same thing many times over when I worked security in the projects. Young men not even 20 yet no job, no diploma, no hope having 5,6 and one kid was 19 and had 11 kids by different girls. and I do mean girls, the mother of his oldest child was 17, and at age 19 he had just gotten a 13 year old pregnant. My only recommendation is to tell the kids, thier dad still need to grow some more before he can be a real dad. And love them as much as you can.

JD said...

I don't think I would say anything to her. . . She would probably end up defending him and saying not so nice thing about you. . . Don't see how you could win that one. . . Best of luck with the kids, I don't know how to tell them dad still loves them when he dumps them for the new tart and child . . .