Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Donk built disaster!

I have commented elsewhere that socialized medicine is a train wreck, I still believe that. Some Canuks of my acquaintance note that they never worried about stuff, it just happened. Whats up with that? No personal responsibility? I suppose not.

The salient point is the wait for treatment, only until shortly after you die. Lots of Canadians travel to the US for treatment, if they can, rather than wait. Doesn't sound like a good deal for them.

I know some Russian expats who tell the same sort of tale. People die waiting, Doctors whom I wouldn't allow near my dog, botched treatments, lousy facilities, graft the likes of which we can't contemplate.

Doctors as a group, might be humanitarians, but overall they're in it for the money. They might feel they have to "give something back", that's generally guilt driven because of a large bank account. This is the reason the best Doctors go where they can make the best money. Not many great Doctors in areas where socialism rules.

I don't like preferential treatment for anyone, I feel I deserve the best Doctors money can buy, but it's my money, I worked for it. If the busy breeders who can't provide for themselves, or their progeny can't afford the best, why is it my responsibility to take care of them? Why shouldn't they curb their familial needs to something they can afford?

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