Thursday, February 8, 2007

On a lighter note (much lighter)

A Dogs Life

Don't want to be a lap dog, some of those laps are not too attractive.

There's a lot to be said for laying in the sun, with the breeze keeping you cool, and getting a belly rub.

No time clock, no bills, no worries.

Scratch when and where it itches.

Kids all love to play with you.

And then theres always a belly rub.

Drooling is not considered a sign of mental problems, but rather a compliment to the chef.

Take the smell you like the verry most, and multiply it by 50,000.(Bacon)

The pure joy of riding with the wind in your face.

A long nap by the fire.

What about that belly rub.

Simple games like fetch, that always get you a pat on the head.

Chasing something just for the joy of running.

A full tummy, a warm blanket, and a long nap.

And best of all, a belly rub.

1 comment:

Sarge said...

Ahhh, a dog's life. Where can I sign up for a belly rub?