Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thank you Mr. Fixit

I read Mr. Fixit's post about old demons, and called all my family this morning and told them that I love them. My thanks to him for reminding me.

God gives us grace to live, one day at a time, no one knows the day or hour when God may call us home. Let no loved one suffer because we failed to tell them that we care.

Folks it was a long night at Stump Water Nuclear Station, night shift sucks. It's just a fact of life. When you get out of bed at three in the morning and get a drink of water and the little light in the refrigerator comes on, that means someone like me is at work. Every night all year long, no holidays, no breaks. I don't expect sympathy, I do it because I want to, it's not a sentence under law, therefore it's voluntary.

Even so, it gets rough, my family gets a break from me, and I miss them horribly. I read some really painful stuff from The Rocky Mountain Medic, it reminds me of how transient all our lives are, and how much I would miss each and everyone I love. I have resolved to tell each one of the babies I love them today.

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