Sunday, February 18, 2007

To Jim Zumbo

Hat tip to LawDog,
This was my comment to Jim Zumbo, though I don't expect he'll ever read it. Spread it far and wide folks. You can Google the name and read his posts,I don't think I'll link. I own an AR with a few attachments, and some other .223 weapons, and a couple of other military weapons, none of them came with instructions for an IED or a VBIED, thank you very much!

Sir, Apparently you don't take seriously the responsibility of your words. Your first post was short, to the point, and accurate regarding your feelings. The second was carefully thought out to try to stop the landslide. The thoughtful proponent of gun owners rights would never make a comment disparaging of an others choice of weapons. A thoughtful man would think before speaking words that would be offensive if they were spoken to him. The gun is a tool, the user bears the label you chose to bestow. Now is every user of a .223 a terrorist? Would you care to slam the Law Officers who carry a .223 semi auto in there trunk? I would lay odds you have offended DRUG DEALERS with that name. I usually try to be mature in my posts, but you can take your holier than thou attitude and put know the rest. Remember the six degrees of separation, the world will know of this, your shame. Bag your face, never claim the mantle of proponent or journalist.

I'm a Southern boy an' he can kiss my grits!!!

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