Friday, February 9, 2007

OK, answer or shut up, and make sense while you're at it!

OK, peeps I have some questions for the liberal contingent.

First- Why do the Islamofascist twerps get a pass on women’s rights? I mean whip ‘em, beat ‘em, make ‘em wear a tent. Kick them out of school, for Gods sake honor killings, and not a squeak from the Feminazi abortion crowd?

Second- There is ample proof, if you look, that the Iraqi Secret Police were doing things to aid the fundamentalist Muslim radical to commit mass murder. It doesn’t show up any where. There was a convoy of trucks stopped from delivering a load of nerve gas and various other agents, the people involved ADMITTED to being Al-quada , and said they intended to build a three cornered cloud over Istanbul, and kill a hundred thousand people. No out cry in the news, why? Keep in mind these weaponized gasses are the things that only a government can produce. No one noticed!

Third- There are documents recovered from Iraq that tell of loading Saddam's chemical weapons on to commercial airliners and shipping them to Syria. No one said a word to the American people, WHY?

Fourth- Saddam was proven to be feeding people into a F**king Chipper ALIVE, for heavens sake, and apparently no one cared. WHY????

If the silly, cure the world, contingent expects the US government to do what they want, please be consistent, fix it or don’t, I don’t care, just deal with the TRUTH, not your whims!

Stop the heavy breathing and try to focus on something constructive, make the world a better place, toss the BDS, and F**king DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Just so you Know, if I am confronted with a rabid dog, I will kill it and worry about it later. If I am attacked I will defend myself and my family, and worry about it later. If you threaten my life, my family, or my freedom, may a Loving God have mercy on your soul, for I will not!

If you are confused at his point, you are beyond help!

That's all I'm going to say about that!

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